Grade 2 Listed Regency flat in the heart of Hove

The Stickland Wright interiors team had the pleasure of working with Rachel on improving the space of her 2 bed, Grade 2 listed flat and maximising the 180-degree sea views with its Regency full width balcony. The existing plan had the kitchen located remotely from the living and dining room and the owners wanted an open plan flexible space where they could entertain. The layout Stickland Wright created responded to the brief by opening the space up in a way that sympathetically restored the layout, more akin to the original historic floor plan, which was approved by the local heritage team.

Our interiors team were able to sensitively insert a contemporary shower and steam room within the bedroom space, whilst still allowing the beautiful bay window and historic features to be retained. The master bedroom now boasts an impressive copper bath with a sea view, for that boutique hotel style. The design and materials used drew on a natural palette blending period charm with a relaxed modern vibe from the bespoke handmade kitchen and cabinetry by Square One Design and discreet technology throughout by Power Plant. All brought together beautifully by the talented team at Halcyon Building. Teamwork.

We asked the client a few questions about what inspired her to purchase the flat and how the team worked with her to develop the vision.

What qualities of the property drew you to buying it?

It's all about the views and the amazing light and sunrises and sunsets I get to enjoy every day. I also loved the period property with the high ceilings. It has a huge wow factor and quite simply took my breath away when I first walked in.

What were the key things you wanted to achieve with the renovation?

One to maximise the views and two, to create a living space which was more social. The original kitchen was towards the back of the flat and did not have the views, it was also very small and meant I was cooking while the dinner party guests were in another room and enjoying the party! Now I can socialise and cook at the same time, while enjoying the sunset. I also always had a dream of being able to see the sea from my bed, and with the renovation that dream has now come true, but even better as I also now have a bath with a sea view too! There is nothing lovelier than enjoying that first cup of coffee from bed while admiring the sunrise happening over the sea or a glass of wine in the bath as the sun is setting.

Was there anything unexpected that the Stickland Wright team brought to final outcome?

The team really helped to bring my vision to life, however I would not have thought about creating the incredible amount of storage space that they did in such a clever way. I can now have an apartment free of clutter!

How has the design changed the way you use the space?

From the start of my day, with coffee in bed watching the sunrise over the sea, to the everyday cooking and relaxing while watching the sunset over the sea. It has made socialising even more fun, as I am now part of the party when I cook / host. I also use the back of the apartment more too, now that I can enjoy the views from there!

What elements of the design would you change?

There is absolutely nothing I would change to the design elements - it has exceeded my wildest expectations of what this apartment could become. Thank you to all the team who made it happen!

Images by James French Photography

Building Contractor: Halcyon Building

Interior Designer: Stickland Wright

Bespoke Joinery: Square One Design Workshop

Smart technology: Powerplant Home



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