World Architecture Day

World Architecture day was set up by the Union International des Architects back in 2005 to “remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of the human habitat” At the very roots, architecture exists so that our physical environment can be created for people to live but architecture is a lot more than this. Architecture is a part of our culture. It represents not only how we see the world, but also how we see ourselves. We wanted to look at who inspired our Architecture team and share with you who and why. It gives quite an insight into the personalities of our team.

Herman Hertzberger

"Herman Hertzberger believed that the architect's role was not to provide a complete solution, but to provide a spatial framework to be filled in by the users.

It seems to me that Herman’s ideas will come around again. The idea of component driven architecture, within a circular economic model, will enable us to make adaptable ‘vessels’ which can be inhabited and used in many ways." Nick Stickland - Architecture Director.

Louis Sullivan

"Louis Sullivan was an American award winning architect. Louis Sullivan is referred to as ‘Father of Skyscrapers’ and ‘ Father of modernism’. A mentor to the great Frank Lloyd Wright and along with Henry Richardson, Sullivan made up the recognized trinity of American Architecture. I think he was a master of detailing and made even the skyscrapers look brilliant. My favourite building of his is the Wainwright Building, the detailing at roof level is exquisite” Simas Bobelis - Architect

Anna Heringer

"Anna Heringer is inspiring in her playful use of natural, locally available materials and adoption of traditional construction methods. Sustainability is at the heart of her work and this is a launchpad for some truly creative and ambitious projects.

The METI school encouraged me to travel to learn about adobe and bamboo construction. In addition, the socially responsible attitude that Heringer emphasises is something that we should all try to adopt in our architectural practice.” Jonathan Evans - Architect.

Aalvar Alto

"Aalvar Alto is probably the most famous Finnish architect and designer in the world. Recognised for his Nordic classicism and Modernism style, Aalvar was a multifaceted designer who pioneered the use of organic, naturally derived materials, reinforcing the buildings dynamic relationship with its natural surroundings. I enjoy the sense of materialism that ran throughout his concepts, in particular his work with wood." Anna Hobbs - Architect

Assemble Studio

Bringing us right up to modern day our Senior Interior Designer Vicky Willis who wants to recognise a couple of contemporary practices that bring together research, strategy, and everyday architecture.

" Assemble represents values profoundly opposite to those of the current directions of property and planning and of the architects who serve them. Where high land values in southern England and other parts of the country are squeezing out most things to which a price cannot be attached, they champion the unquantifiable benefits of, in particular, human society, of people enjoying life together"

Muf Architecture/Art

" A female-led collective whose work is a collaboration between art and architecture – simultaneously pragmatic and endlessly ambitious. Projects range from urban design schemes to small-scale temporary interventions via landscapes and buildings – a continual dialogue between details and strategy. Interested in the design of public spaces, and in making spaces public, Muf engage with, and build on, the capacity of local communities to deliver high quality and sustainable outcomes"

We hope you have enjoyed an insight into the Stickland Wright teams inspiration in celebration of World Architecture Day, 5th October 2020.



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